Top 5 Best VPN Apps for the iPhone

Any long-term iPhone user will tell you that the app store has had a noticeable change in the number of truly free applications that are available for download. Apps that were once completely free now include in-app purchases. Typically, the application will be restricted, missing features, or inundated with heavy advertising unless the user delivers a one-time payment. VPN apps are notorious for this. Finding the diamonds in the rough is quite a task, so to make things easier, here are the best all-around VPN apps for your money. The number of perks given at no cost will also be a contributing factor.

1. Opera VPN

This VPN service has consistently been ranked as one of the best free VPN applications on the app store. Some of the features include the ability to switch servers to mostly EU nations (although the U.S. and Singapore are included). The paid version, known as Opera VPN Gold, offers faster browsing and the option to block frackers. Between the other VPN services noted, Opera carries the highest recommendation on this list for free services, speed, and reliability.

2. HotspotShield VPN & Wifi

One of the more popular choices among VPN users. While HotspotShield’s basic application is free to use, many of its better features require payment. However, a 7-day free trial for their premium services is available to all users who download the app. Subscriptions vary by the number of months required, with $4.99 being the lowest. HotspotShield is a great option for those who want speed, but don’t mind the price tag.

3. VPN Unlimited

Lots of paid VPN apps have numerous locations and servers to choose from, and VPN Unlimited is among them. There is a standard free trial, but the best features include the option to pay once and use on multiple devices. Another feature is a one-time payment option for life, but most users will be satisfied with their monthly or yearly plans. VPN Unlimited will be popular with those that require a VPN on more than just the iPhone.

4. OpenVPN/VPNBook

Many casual users of VPN apps may be intimidated by OpenVPN, as this is the least user-friendly VPN option available, particularly when combined with VPNBook, a totally-free VPN service that requires manual setup on the iPhone. Regardless, thanks to OpenVPN, which is downloadable from the App Store, it is slightly easier for those curious enough to give it a go. Just browse VPNBook’s website until the free servers are found (by scrolling down the first page), find the profile, username, and password that corresponds to your region, then copy and paste to OpenVPN.

5. VPN Proxy Master Unlimited VPN

The final VPN application on the list is one of the better choices for those wanting good features at no cost, and Wifi-hotspot security. VPN Proxy Master Unlimited does include in-App Purchases, yet includes above-average speed and is highly stable, hardly ever logging out of VPN sessions as some servers do at random. A free trial is included for their VIP service, offering higher speeds and more servers, some of which are dedicated solely for Netflix use.

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