5 Reasons to Use a VPN

Virtual private networks have been gaining more attention over the years, and signing up for a VPN service is easy and affordable. However, separating the reality of VPNs from the marketing can be a bit difficult, especially for those with limited networking knowledge. Is it worth purchasing a VPN? Here are a few reasons why it might be.

Improved Online Anonymity

If you value your online anonymity, purchasing a VPN is a great form of protection. VPNs obscure your IP address, which would otherwise be visible to all websites and online interfaces you use. It should be noted, however, that VPN providers will typically answer subpoenas if ordered by a court, so VPNs offer little legal protection. However, they’re great for forming a barrier between your internet service account and the internet as a whole.

Prevent Data Throttling

Although it’s not a widespread practice, internet service providers have long stated an interest in prioritizing certain internet traffic over other traffic. Weak net neutrality laws make this possible, but implementation typically depends on your ISP seeing which websites and services you’re accessing and adjusting your internet speed accordingly. A VPN encrypts this information, meaning your ISP can’t easily determine which type of web traffic you’re using.

Hide Your Geographical Location

There are plenty of online services that vary depending on your location. Watching a certain TV series or movie in your geographic region, for example, might be impossible. When you use a VPN, you can often bypass these filters by using an IP address in a different region. This can let you access streaming entertainment, sports, or even news regardless of where you’re located. For those who travel to other nations regularly, this can help ensure you aren’t blocked from catching up on your favorite series while away from home.

Safely Browse from Public Internet Services

It’s always important to exercise extra care when accessing the internet from public internet locations, but the encryption provided by VPNs offers an excellent wall of defense against would-be hackers. Many public internet access points are inherently insecure, and a VPN service is an excellent form of protection if you’re regularly accessing the internet while away from your home connection.

Transparent Data Policies

By routing your traffic through a VPN, you can regain control over your internet privacy. Many VPNs have a policy to not keep logs of your internet activity in most cases. Your ISP, on the other hand, likely does retain this information and may even be required by law to do so. A VPN is not an impenetrable shield, but it does offer you a better understanding of how your data is being kept and used.

Although the internet is ubiquitous, its sheer size and complexity make it difficult to understand, and staying safe online requires diligence. Although it’s not an answer to all privacy and security concerns, having a VPN provides an invaluable layer of protection, helping you stay safe and access information no matter where you’re located.

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